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> Alcohol Trial Support Forum Guidelines,

These Guidelines are here to help everyone please read before Posting


Before your Post will be answered we require that you Post a System Report

1. No links to outside URLs are allowed. They will be deleted from your post.


2. We require all posts to be positive, constructive, and on topic. We may delete individual posts that could ruin a good topic thread.

3. We reserve the right to remove any topics we deem inappropriate or disruptive to our community. Please note that, from time to time, topics may be removed for being inappropriate even though your individual post in that topic may have been perfectly fine. Please do not feel this reflects badly on you.

4. You may not make personal attacks on other users or staff members either in public forums or Private Messages.

5. The posting of Private Messages in the Forum received from Administrators or Moderators is not allowed. These posts are made as a warning or to inform the recipient that a post has been deleted, edited etc and are not made lightly or without reason. If you feel that you have been unfairly dealt with please contact the Moderator or Administrator concerned or contact another of the Board Administrators. Posts that contravene this guideline will be deleted.

6. You may not use profanities. It is unprofessional and offensive and will not be tolerated. We have word filters in place for the most vulgar terms. Circumventing those word filters will result in punitive action.

7. You may not advertise or promote products or companies unless actively supported and endorsed by Alcohol Soft.

8. You may not make blatant advertising posts (spam).

9. We reserve the right to ban any member who violates our guidelines or disrupts our community. We will be fair and provide warning in most cases.

10. If you have an issue concerning our services, policies, or staff, please use a personal contact method such as a Private Message or Email to a staff member. All moderators and administrators are highlighted in the active members list. We take serious complaints to heart and will do our best to address them.

11. We will make every effort to answer your emails but posting in the forum will give you a better chance of a quick reply.

12. Your question may also help others with a similar problem, so please use the Forum when you can.

13. Links to other sites in signatures are not allowed, in your Profile you can add your homepage and this can be accessed from the www button. Links to sites that contain pornographic or Warez content will be deleted. This rule applies not only to Members of the Alcohol Support Forum, but also to Team Members. Any problems with this ruling please contact one of our Administrators.

14. This Support Forum does not tolerate questions in relation to NO-CD type cracks, CD Patches or any questions related Warez or downloaded files (unless the downloaded file is shown to be a legal download from the specific company's website) Any such topic will be deleted and the poster warned.

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