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Alcohol 120% Installation Problem (Vista Ultimate)

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#21 Christoph


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Posted 02 December 2007 - 06:15 AM


Yeah, I can see now I made this sound a little too harsh.
If you feel I was in any way impolite, then I am very sorry, this was not my intention.

The thing is, please understand: I need this stuff for work. If my software doesn't work, then I can't work either.
The way I see it this problem seems to be a common issue, therefore I would have liked you guys to come up with some kind of patch to just fix it and get it over with.

This thing wasted a portion of my time, as it did probably waste the time of many another user.
It is just disappointing.

But hey, there's good news, too:

1) I did not contact your service team. I should have done that, I understand that now. You have a good point there, so I give you that one!
2) I managed to understand the instructions about the regedit and fixed the problem today. Took me another while, but it should be okay now.

Hope all is well with everyone

gotta get back to work



QUOTE (Phoenix @ Dec 1 2007, 09:49 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

Wow what a first post.

The EULA terms are no different from most other software that you purchase, i just picked up my Call of duty 4 and looked at the software license agreement, (As it happend to be on my desk) its actualy worse than our softwares.

Here are a few extracts

Activision grants me non-exclusive, non-transferable limited right and license to install and use one copy of this program solely and exclusively for your personal use.
This program is licensed not sold for your use.
You shall not use this program or permit use of this program on more than one computer, computer terminal, or workstation at the same time.
Sell,rent,lease,license,distribute or otherwise transfer this program.

And it goes on and on etc etc, i guess you get the idea. if you did not fully understand our EULA you could have contacted us by email for an explination.

Your comments.
your poor service attitude.
I am dissappointed by your service
Hold on, this is your first post, you have not explained what your problem is you have not even given our dedicated support team a chance to help you but your throwing comments around like
poor service attitude,
do you realy think your doing a good job here.
Do you not think that comments like that are unfounded in this case ?

You give no indication of your problem, you give no explination of your system and if you have upgraded to Vista or if its a clean install, in fact you actualy give us no information to work with at all. As far as i can see you have not even attempted to contact our 24\7 email support techs.

Here is an extract from a mail one of our support techs has just recieved after helping a customer with their problem, i think it says alot about the type of support you can expect from the support techs in this forum and the email support techs.

You have been so patient and helpful with me I can never tell you how much I appreciate all the work you have gone through to help with this!

Thank you soooooo much! Now I have a program that I UNDERSTAND so that I can make disk copies to share with my family! I have so many disks of family pictures and family keeps coming up from no where asking for pictures and info. Now I can do multiple disks copies made with a program I understand and trust to do that with!


#22 Phoenix


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Posted 02 December 2007 - 06:27 AM

Hi Christoph,

No i did not think you were impolite i just thought you made un justified sweeping statements, the main thing is that your problem is resolved and you are now able to use the software as it was intended, no software is totaly bug free and we do work as hard as we can to ensure a solution to users problems.

#23 Jito463


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Posted 02 December 2007 - 06:45 AM

From my understanding, the problem is not a "Vista Ultimate" problem (I run Vista Ultimate x64 myself with no problems), nor is it explicitly an Alcohol problem or even an SPTD problem (the ASPI layer used by Alcohol for the virtual drives that is requesting the reboots). This does not happen on every computer, and when it does happen, the OS/hardware can be quite varied. Usually it's because some permissions are set wrong in the registry, so SPTD can't install itself properly. There's no way to test for this before installation, so sometimes a manual fix is required.

Unfortunately, because there's no way to test for this, and because it doesn't happen on every computer, there's no "patch" that can be released to fix it. In order to fix something, you have to know why it's happening, and since this is so random the cause remains uncertain. Also, since the problem lies in permissions in the registry, neither Alcohol nor SPTD would be able to release a patch to fix that. Nor, I think, would Microsoft due to it's random nature, but I could be wrong.

Nevertheles, as Phoenix stated, we're glad you got your system working. You should send that e-mail to support for access to the Customer Only section of the forum. Customers get priority support and sometimes advance knowledge - when available - of new updates.

#24 Christoph


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Posted 02 December 2007 - 08:29 AM

Alright guys, I can see you are a friendly and helpful bunch.
Thanks for your support!
I'll go back to work and let you guys do the same

#25 Phoenix


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Posted 02 December 2007 - 09:07 AM


Having checked your registerd email address against our database i have determined that you are a purchased customer, so i have adjusted your forum access to reflect that, the next time you log in you will have access to the purchased users section of the support forum.

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