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Image grouping/keywording/nicknaming

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Posted 17 January 2012 - 04:26 AM

Okay, the built in method for being able to sort things into various 'folders' is nice, really nice. A couple of ideas though.

1. Image nicknaming. Without renaming the image file(s), be able to use an alias name. For example, I have a few Windows ISO's (legally, tyvm for anyones concern). An example of a name that may not make sense to those who don't know is 'GRTMPFPP_EN' which is Windows XP Professional (32 bit) with Service Pack 3. Being able to create an alias/nickname for it, that would be displayed within A120, I could name is "WinXP Pro w/SP3". The file itself would remain named 'GRTMPFPP_EN' but would display the alias name if one is provided, so that it's easier to keep track of what I'm looking at. That's just an example but I'm sure you can see the benefits of such a feature.

2. Grouping/keywording would be nice. By this, I mean being able to assign one or more images to a group (or apply a keyword), and then when I go to view that label, all matching images would appear. Each image could have more than 1 label, so it could appear in multiple groups.

3. The 'Folder View' is indeed nice. This request is a bit wordy but I just want to make sure that I'm describing it right, so please forgive me if I repeat myself or whatever... This is a request for an 'Explorer View', where known images would be shown in an explorer like interface, including navigating the folders. Best way to explain this, I think, would be to imagine using Windows Explorer to navigate the computer, but only disc image files are shown and the only folders that appear are those with something in them. So if I only have 20 images, then at most there would be 20 folders to navigate through. Perhaps another way to think of it, imagine that you just burned a DVD full of files. You put the DVD into the drive and are using Windows Explorer to navigate it. Big difference is that if a folder is empty, then it doesn't exist. If you go to open a folder, then it would auto-expand until it reaches a folder that has something in it. ie, if I have 3 images in path of 'X:\MS\Windows\Images', with nothing in MS or in Windows, then when I go to expand MS, it would automatically expand Windows and then Images and navigate me to there. Once expanded, MS and Windows would be greyed out, to mean that there are no image files in there. Basically, taking all of the known images and sorting the paths to those images so that you're navigating through those.

4. As an add-on to #3. Be able to perform functions in this explorer-like view. Delete the image from the list, rename the image file, delete the image file, properties, etc etc etc.

5. An update on what's going on. Been forever since I've seen an update for A120. Is it that developed that it's holding up its own despite passed time or is development at a stand still for some reason?

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Posted 17 January 2012 - 10:33 AM

Your suggestions are interesting, though a bit complicated. The first one can be fulfilled if you put the image into a folder with the desired nickname. As for the development of Alcohol there was a silent update recently, you can check if you have it. The Alcohol is still a developing program but- as always- there is no ETA for the next version's release.

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