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Command line parameters and a API....

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Posted 24 February 2008 - 04:22 PM

It would be nice if Alcohol supported command line parameters so i could rightclick a image file from windows explorer and choose burn with Alcohol or add image. Also i use another program that have support for several other CD/DVD burning applications like Nero and Alcohol. When using Nero i can click on a single toolbar button from that application and Nero is started with the image file and burning dialog opened so all i have to do is to click the burn button from within Nero. Using alcohol then alcohol is opened, but i still have to choose burn image and select the image since it seems like Alcohol doesn't support any command line parameters so the only thing that happen is that Alcohol is started. If Alcohol supported command line parameters i could click burn image from the other application, alcohol start, open the image, burn and show me the result before closing again when i click ok. This application also support using another application for virtual drives and that works fine with Alcohol because of AxCmd.exe that can be used with command line parameters. What i'm asking for the the possibility for alcohol.exe to be started with command line parameters as well to open, burning, adding image files etc. It would be nice if other parameters where added as well like "automatically close alcohol if burning is successful" and stuff like that.
Another thing that would be nice is a Alcohol API so another application can burn using the Alcohol burning engine without having to start Alcohol at all. Nero have such a API and this application i was referring to can use the Nero API as well. I used Nero as an example here and could sound like i'm a Nero fan which is for sure not the case.....Nero is the last thing i want installed on my PC, but these two feature is nice though.

I guess a API is a bit more work to implement, but adding those command line parameters shouldn't be to much work and would be a nice feature i think.

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