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Bunch of Questions

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Posted 05 May 2017 - 12:21 AM

I own Alcohol 120%. Bought it today.


None of these are suppose to be negative questions. Just things that I'm wondering and the last one is actually me needing help.


Q1) I'm not sure why the forum isn't recognizing me as an owner. The only place I can post messages and ask questions is the trial question forum which does not seem like the best spot. How do I fix this?


Q2) Is Alcohol dead?  There was an updated a few months ago but not really any new features or anything so it seems like Alcohol is in a "make it last" stage where we might get an updated every so often for maintaining compatibility with new OS changes.


Q3) Is Alcohol relevant? Seems like more and more people are moving away from CDs now. So other than needing to copy older discs, which is why I bought it, is alcohol still relevant and are there any plans to keep it relevant?


Ok now for the actual needing help question.


Q4) I am trying to make a backup of my BoardMaker v6 (2011) disk. Alcohol detects that it has SecuROM 7. I made the image of the disk and everything seemed to go ok. It generated the MDS file, skipped the empty sectors, no problem. However when I tried to put it onto the virtual drive, windows explorer just says "Windows can't access this disk.". I also tried burning the disk and got the same result.  What am I doing wrong? How could I fix this?



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Posted 08 May 2017 - 08:54 PM

You are registered as a Customer now. As for your other questions I answered them in your other thread.

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